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Vaccine anxiety? 7News On Your Side with tips for successful doctor visits for children

by Joy WangMon, August 7th 2023, 5:05 AM CDT

ARLINGTON, Va. (7News) — Knowing what vaccinations are required before heading into the classroom is one thing, but getting the kids to want to go to the doctor to get those immunizations is a whole other challenge. Experts say kids pick up on how adults feel about going to the doctor too.

“They easily pick up on our any like anxiety or unease that we might have about attending our own medical appointments,” said Kaiser Permanente Child Life Specialist Kellie Matters. “Typically as adults, people have anxiety about coming to the doctor’s office because they’ve had a negative experience as a child. So it’s just this cycle that continues to perpetuate and even makes some adults avoid healthcare in general, which we don’t want for our preventative care of course.

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