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A message from the former AAIP President

Learn why Dr. Mary Owen encourages the COVID-19 vaccine as a means for protecting the community and preserving AI/AN culture.

“We will survive COVID-19, but to lessen it’s impact on our communities, we must do what we do best — we must come together and protect one another. Please help spread the word on the importance of getting vaccinated.”

Why is it important to get vaccinated?

Increasing vaccinations helps ensure knowledge-keepers are preserved and traditions last for generations. Vaccinations for children and adults are critical to both individual and community health.

The Top 10 COVID-19 Vaccination Myths

There are a lot of common misconceptions about COVID-19 and its vaccines.

With all of the new data and updates from the CDC, we want to help keep you informed on the facts and current guidelines. Here are the answers to the top 10 COVID-19 myths about the vaccination.

COVID-19 Resources from the CDC

Wes Studi Offers COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance to Tribal Communities

Digital Resources and Articles from the CDC

Video PSAs

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“The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan received funding from the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) to build national infrastructure for mitigating the impact of

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